INTOREX is specialized in the production and technological development of machines and solutions for  the solid wood sector.

TMC-1500 is the new and extremely innovative machining  centre CNC for the mechanization in one single clamping and in automatic cycle of all type of columns, staircase pillars, table and sofa legs, etc.

The versatility and programming easiness of this machining centre makes it to be a very flexible machine and suitable for  the production of small batches, although they are complex and with multiple operations.


The machining centre TMC-1500, has 5 interpolated axes and a total of up to 8 axes controlled for CNC that allow turning, milling, shaping, sanding and drilling any type of leg or column, with the possibility to mechanize a different profile in each face of the piece.

INTOREX can offer the most appropriate solutions at any  moment, in the following sectors:

- Columns for structures and wooden houses

- Pillars and staircase balusters

- Table, chair and sofa legs

- Small pieces with multiple operations


According to the type of pieces to mechanize, the machine can be supplied in different versions of feeding and clamping.

- The feeding of square or rectangular pieces (until square 150×150), is in fully automatic cycle, with multiple loading and unloading through conveyor belt.

- For columns, it has 2 centering units with hydraulic advance that are moved automatically until locating the piece in the position of mechanization. It can be equipped with 2 drilling units (tailstock and headstock side) to drill the ends of the piece.

Optionally for flat or irregular pieces, it can be equipped with 1 or 2 work tables, and subjection with pneumatic pressing or vacuum.

In these cases, the feeding of the pieces is manual.


A fixation between points system has been designed for eccentric pieces, that allows to mechanize all the faces of the piece in automatic cycle with automatic feeding and unloading.